Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wright District Shines During AmeriCorps Week

As we celebrate AmeriCorps week, I wanted to share/brag about the great work our AmeriCorps members and staff are doing.  In locations all across the State, AmeriCorps is Getting Things Done.

This post showcases some wonderful things going on in the Wright Elementary School District.

Just through February at R.L. Stevens and Wright Charter Schools:

  • 264 Students have received academic support, enrichment programming and mentoring in the CalSERVES After School program
  • 305 Students have received 7,457 Tutoring Sessions in Literacy,  STEM, and Healthy Behaviors
Assessments show students already improving 1 whole grade level or more:

  • 46% of students receiving Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Tutoring (WJ III)
  • 33% of students receiving Literacy Tutoring (WJ III)
  • 42% of students receiving Healthy Behaviors Tutoring (mile times) 
Teachers are seeing the progress in all areas but here is a story about our new Healthy Behaviors tutoring from R.L. Stevens:
"Healthy Behaviors Tutoring has been an amazing asset to me and my students.  The students in my class this year are at that “borderline” age; not teenagers, not small children.  From a few of the girls, this transition is extremely difficult.  When Ms. Moore approached me about this program, I jumped!  [All my students attend tutoring] for different reasons, but the results and changes I am seeing are impressive.  Healthy Behaviors addresses the overly social situation, as well as the overly shy students.  For example, after about the third session, two of the girls wrote me “sorry” letters about their immature and disrespectful attitudes; all things they had discussed at tutoring...The focus of the program – nutrition, self-esteem, and teamwork – has been crucial to its success and the great improvement I have seen in the girls she tutors.  The girls are learning what it means to be healthy on every level; physically, emotionally, and socially.  They look forward to their tutoring sessions and always come back with comments that assure me they are learning something valuable.  Sometimes, they will say something was “hard”, which I love!  They are being challenged and remembering what they discuss, which is not always the case with 5th graders! Every week, I see the girls growing in positive ways.  I honestly wish I could send my entire class to Healthy Behaviors."
Wright District is on track to show truly impressive year-end results for our children.

R.L. Stevens Elementary

Ms. Kladar, Literacy Service Scholar, promoting literacy skill development and a love of reading!

The Buddy Reading program is a great way to promote learning and positive relationships.

Fifth graders prepping all the healthy food for school wide Matematicas y Munchies event.

Hula Hooping is not only fun but great exercise!

Wright Charter School

Fun math for 1st graders. A fist bump plus a high five equal a hand turkey.

Sunshine, smiles and missing teeth in Ms. Nanni’s 1st grade Cool School After School class.
1st-3rd graders learn about Dr. Seuss and the meaning behind ‘The Lorax’ during Friday clubs.

Former AmeriCorps Members and current Site Supervisors Taylor Ford, Wright Charter and Melissa Moore, R.L. Stevens are leading their teams to achieve amazing outcomes for their students.

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