Monday, October 21, 2013

Visiting Napa After School

In my role, I have had the pleasure of working with 17 after school programs in Napa County.  Over the past few weeks, I have been able to visit some of these programs. Last Friday, I visited Napa Valley Language Academy (NVLA) which amazingly hosts nearly 300 students in their after school program—every day!  Eric Dreikosen and NVLA Site Director Julia Matison with Boys & Girls Club of Napa Valley show us around the NVLA program.

Director of Operations, Eric Dreikosen and NVLA Site Director, Julia Matison of the Boys & Girls Club of Napa Valley
We joined them on Friday and there were activities going on in all corners of the school, with upper grade students preparing a dance performance outside...

To students receiving individualized homework support in the multi-use room.


I also visited two of the ACE program sites this Friday.

At the Silverado Middle School program, I met Coach Tracey Emberley and her students in Silk Screening club.

The students explained the process of creating a silk screened print from sketching the design to creating the screen to the printing process itself.  

The students get to create their own designs and follow the process through to the end product, learning valuable skills along the way.

At Harvest Middle School, we checked out lesson conducted by the CalSERVES AmeriCorps members focusing on propulsion. The team worked with students to test their creations.

This balloon-powered car project had kids exploring the best and fastest designs using balloons and paper plates!


Students come back in the classroom to modify their designs after testing.

Napa After School program manger Yesenia Salas-Chavira and AmeriCorps Content Leader Enoch Page take in the culminating car race.

Many members of the After School team at Harvest Middle School debrief the day and explore ways to improve their lessons to create the best experience for students.  Way to go team!

Yesenia Salas-Chavira, Casey Wedding & AmeriCorps Members Enoch Page, Anthony Farina, AJ Smith, and Lisseth Ramirez