Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?

Career Day at the CalSERVES Summer Program

Over 50 students were able to explore this question at Taylor Mountain Career Day.  Representatives from a broach range of careers, from a firefighter to a chef, a computer technician to an engineer, and even a video game designer...students were able to ask questions to find out more about these careers.  The goal is to engage them in thinking about their future careers now and learn what education and life choices it takes to achieve these aspirations.

Roberto Bonefont, Kenwood Inn & Spa
The students asked insightful questions of Chef Bonefont, including "How did you know you wanted to be a cook?" and "How much school did you need?"

James Hallahan, Raptr.com
Our video game designer James was popular with the students.  He was able to share the development process with the students who craved for information on this exciting career.

Cyndi Foreman, Central Fire Authority of Sonoma County
Firefighter Cyndi talked with the students about what her days involve.  She dispelled the myth that she is a police officer (despite the similar uniform) and talked about life at the Firehouse.

Joseph Marrocco, Medtronic talks about his work as an engineer.
Our engineer shared the details of his work developing lifesaving heart devices at Medtronic.  It is great to get our kids so interested in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math).

Trenton Schuttler- Team Logic
Trenton volunteered his time to talk about careers working with and repairing computers.  The students were amazed to learn how much this career earns.

Both students and their parents enjoyed the day, loading up with great information and goals for the future. 

CalSERVES will introduce a new program in 2013-2014, CalPREP.  The CalPREP program run by NCOE Community Programs will be in 40 schools across the State, including Sonoma and Napa, and will focus on mentoring to promote college and career readiness.  The goals of the program are to improve academic engagement, habits of the mind, and college knowledge.

Days like this and programs like CalPREP plant seeds for the future...What do YOU want to be when you grow up?...and how will you get there?

Thanks to the event organizers, Mimi Marrocco and Erick Rodriguez, our wonderful CalSERVES Counselors!

CalSERVES Counselors Erick Rodriguez (left) and Mimi Marrocco (right) and Counseling Program Coordinator, Jeannie Puhger (center)