Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanks Giving

I am thankful for many things including the amazingly committed people who serve as AmeriCorps members in the CalSERVES program. 

The VIP AmeriCorps Fellows are an amazing group of individuals, who work tirelessly to build volunteer programs in non-profits and educational organizations.  They engage over 100 volunteers each bringing thousands of hours of services to children and families.

I asked the VIP Fellows serving in Sonoma County to share their inspiration to serve.  Enjoy and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

The Sonoma County VIP team at the 2011 VIP Conference in Sanger, CA

Lauren Loeffler, Wright Charter:  Life is a privilege; I want to earn my keep.

Richelle Andrae, Taylor Mountain:  I trust that adults investing our time and sharing our passions with youth is the only way to make the world a more beautiful place! I am reminded each time a challenging kid smiles at me, or asks me how I'm doing.

Melissa Collins, Kawana Elementary:  It is a part of my DNA. For as long as I can remember I have always had the need to help people, and put their needs before my own. It is something that comes naturally.

Holly Cumbie, Meadow View:  It makes me a better person.

Patrick Link, Leader:  I desire to learn more about others beyond my comfort zone. I enjoy the way that service challenges me through exposure to diverse populations. Whether it be children, co-workers, or community members, I enjoy learning about others' cultures and styles of work. I find that so often it is easy to retreat when exposed to something different, but while serving I wasn't given that option--and that has made it all the more rewarding and satisfying.

Jaime Leimkuhler, Extended Child Care:   it is my passion. We are all put here on this Earth to serve in one way or another. Talking with people, being apart of a community is what makes me feel whole, makes me feel alive. I serve, and have been served. I am inspired to serve because I am living.

Tyler Rockey, R.L.Stevens:  I tend to feel good when I help other people...Perhaps I am just fortunate that doing what makes me feel good also happens to be that which society describes as serving.

Kelsey McBride, SCAN:  There are many things in this world that we have no control over. Therefore, the most important thing one can do in life is try to help someone else get through the things in life that just happen.

Julianna Whittaker, Bellevue Elementary:  I can't imagine doing anything else. My parents raised me to always help out when I can, and taught me to do so by example. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity help others, and I am so glad that my position allows me to share with others how they can make a difference as well.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

After School Ambassadors

CalSERVES Honorees from Bellevue District with former State Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin

Former Superintendent Delaine Eastin was on hand yesterday to kick off the After School Ambassador's ceremony by reminding us all to continue to address the needs of the whole child and remember we have the chance to change lives through the relationships that are developed after school. 

Bellevue Superintendent Tony Roehrick, Principal Beth Wilson, and Mentor Teacher Emma Charlebois were honored by Region 1 Friday for their contributions to the after school field.  Below are some words from each of their nominations. 

Emma Charlebois
"Ms. Charlebois has consistently supported after school by educating parents and other staff members on the positive impact that our After School Program has on our students.  She always makes time to meet with parents and new teachers to let them know about our program, specifically all the work and effort that our staff gives out to our students.  She is a huge advocate and supporter of our program, and she has consistently displayed an admirable commitment for many years and we would like to acknowledge her for that."  Yesenia Salas-Chavira

Tony Roehrick
"Superintendent Roehrick has provided important leadership, encouraging his staff to see the program as a resource and partner in student learning.  He has supported the after school program's attendance at district trainings, encouraging the learning of common instructional strategies.  He has provided resources to the program and is available to troubleshoot when challenges arise.  At CalSERVES, we feel very lucky to work with such a supportive Superintendent and want to thank him for all he has done."  Julie McClure

Beth Wilson
"Ms. Wilson consistently projects our After School Program as an important component and partnership to the success of our students’ academic and social progress to teachers and staff.  Ms. Wilson has shown to always make time to answers any questions or concerns that our staff might have by always being available, whether in person, phone, e-mail or a quick walk & chat across campus. Ms. Wilson also makes sure our staff members feel important and assures a sense of priority when asked for her time and attention.  We believe Ms. Wilson should be recognized for her constant support, commitment and care for all our students in our After School Program."  Yesenia Salas Chavira