Monday, June 3, 2013

Fundraising Success for our Students

The Human Race walk occurred on May was a great day for the nearly 100 CalSERVES AmeriCorps members, staff members, and friends and family who participated.

We have now completed our Human Race fundraiser and raised nearly $14,000 to purchase books and supplies for over 1,000 wonderful students.  I wanted to take some time to recognize those that worked hard and achieved milestones in their fundraising.

The honor roll includes those individuals who raised over:

$100 :
  • Sandra Hwang (office)
  • Kathy Chosa (office)
  • Lauren Serpa (office)
  • Mimi Marrocco (office)
  • Megan Schuttler (office)
  • Francesca Soriano-Hersh (office)
  • Megan Cockrum (Bellevue)
  • Aidan Collins Smith (Kawana)
  • Rebecca Dunckley (Kawana)
  • Ashley Schalich (Meadow View)
  • Kate Briggs (Meadow View)
  • Nightsnow Vogt (Meadow View)
  • Sarah Gold (RL Stevens)
  • Diana Sharkawy (RL Stevens)
  • Stephanie Martin (RL Stevens)
  • Melissa Moore (RL Stevens)
  • Amanda Houlemard (Taylor Mountain)
  • Ariel Moreo (Wright)
  • Lauren Loeffler (Wright)

  • Carmen Wandel (office)
  • Sara Sitch (office)
  • Alejandro Tinajero (Bellevue)
  • Joshua Bettencourt (Bellevue)
  • Ashley Fike (Meadow View)
  • Megan Simon (Meadow View)
  • Elena Bermudez (Meadow View)
  • Allison Hunter (RL Stevens)
  • Hanh Tran (RL Stevens)
  • Laura Fromuth (Taylor Mountain)
  • Yesenia Mendez Silva (Wright)

  • Katie McCormick (office)
  •  Sara Craige (Bellevue)
  • Carmen Hernandez-Albor (Bellevue)
  • Ana Hernandez (RL Stevens)

Over $1000:
  • Me!

And the Site Teams that raised over:

  • Meadow View
  • RL Stevens
  • Wright
  • Bellevue
  • Office

All those who raised over $100 got a book set for their site.  This was the book set I won...all about Trucks!

I had fun taking them to Taylor Mountain and giving it to their team to put into rotation with their students this year and beyond.


Those who raised over $250 got year-end parties for their students!

Students from all of our schools enjoyed getting their books to take home for the summer!

A giant Thank You to everyone who participated and who donated.

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