Friday, September 30, 2011

Taylor Mountain Shows Off

I arrived just in time for snack at Taylor Mountain Elementary.

Andi Fletcher, a long time after school advocate and pioneer, is visiting the CalSERVES program with staff from Sacramento START to check out our nutrition education and wellness practices.

We watch a My Plate lesson where nutrition specialists Kristina and Brianna discuss what is or chicken.  They also talk about what you could put on pizza to make it healthier.  Some good suggestions from the students included peppers and pineapple.

A visit to the Kinder class led by KC and Crystal....

where they encourage students to get their "wiggles" out....too cute.

Our wonderful visitors from Sacramento START.  I love the process of sharing and learning that happens in these visits.  We can get isolated and it is wonderful to talk with other after school professionals to get new ideas and inspiration.

Thank you Kristen, Annette and everyone at the CalSERVES Taylor Mountain Elementary program for setting up such a wonderful day.

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